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Introducing Pyrios

Customer engagement reimagined

Pyrios is a communications technology specialist. We deliver a range of smart communications technology, consulting, integration and managed services to help you deliver brilliant customer engagement, every time.

We believe every business is capable of delivering brilliant customer engagement

It’s just that processes and technology, both old and new, sometimes get in the way.

We imagine what could be, seeing opportunities to improve the moments of truth that define your relationships with customers. Then we use technology and clever integration to improve each critical moment.

Why Pyrios?

Because we’re a specialist – complex business communications technology is all we do.

Since 1999 we’ve helped businesses on both sides of the Tasman to tune their communications technology with changing markets and new forms of communication.

When do you need Pyrios?

Clients call on Pyrios when they need to reduce communications costs, improve contact centre performance, open new marketing channels, win new customers, and gear up communications for rapid expansion.

Through years of work in contact centres, unified communications, collaboration and cloud productivity tools, we know what’s possible and how to marry communications technology with business goals.

We solve simple problems, like missed calls caused by a queueing glitch, or poor contact centre response times, to more strategic systems integration for newly acquired businesses and omni-channel customer engagements.