Newly extensible platforms help businesses shrink technology ecosystem for end-to-end customer experience management.

Modern contact centre platforms offer expanded capabilities to manage digital channel-hopping customers – a development that ensures companies deliver richer customer experiences with fewer applications.

The broader scope and extensibility of today’s contact centre technology also provides a better return on technology investment, as different functions across the business, such as marketing and back-office teams, access functionality once locked inside the contact centre.

For example, team leaders who once sifted emails sent to an inbox are now able to queue and distribute related workloads using the key word routing capabilities of contact centre systems.

In other cases, capabilities such as SMS and email campaign functions, now native to certain contact centre platforms, do away with requirements for standalone applications that once did the job.

When one platform manages every customer interaction channel across the customer journey, the door opens to more efficient real-time management of workloads. What’s more, business intelligence teams can dig deeper to analyse and finetune customer experience at every touchpoint.

Old thinking pigeonholed customer management technology: CRM provided a holistic view of the customer; contact centre technology managed customer interaction and distributed workloads; and knowledge base instructed agents how to work correctly. However, the more extensible capabilities of today’s customer management platforms require organisations to think differently about where they invest in new technology.

The situation is no longer black and white, because all these systems, and many others, are primed for quick integration and, thanks to simple cloud formats, within arms-reach of people across the organisation.

Now, everyone from sales and accounts to customer service and marketing can tap into contact centre functionality. Similarly, contact centre reporting and WFM informs HR and other management functions, and knowledge base reaches online customers and other department specific processes.

Clients need to understand the breadth of new and emerging functionality offered by different technology. Establishing a small, tightly integrated ecosystem that both plays to the strengths of individual applications and covers all the bases without duplicating functionality will make life easier. It will also provide a single view of the customer journey across all departments of the organisation, visibility of workloads and historical data, and richer data analysis.

On this foundation, organisations are in a stronger position to gain a deeper understanding of their customers across every touchpoint to deliver exceptional customer experiences and increase the efficiency of their contact centre operations.

Author: Kelly Brickley

Business Development Manager at Pyrios

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