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Businesses evaluating new contact centre technology have to consider how they expect to interact with customers in an uncertain future. New technologies, such as emotional analytics and artificial intelligence, must be quick and easy to integrate as customers embrace new forms of communication.

A series of three eBooks published by Pyrios’ partner Genesys explores challenges of contact centre modernisation, covering key considerations, deployment choices, and distinctions between cloud 1.0 and cloud 2.0 contact centre technology.

The first eBook in the series, The essential guide to contact centre modernisation, frames broad considerations for contact centre modernisation.

What is a modern contact center?

Whether on-premises or cloud, a modern contact centre is one that improves the customer experiences (CX) your business delivers. The modernisation process centres on making sure you’re able to support all the ways customers want to communicate with your business.

Transformation in the contact centre translates into a competitive advantage. Once you discover how to deliver a consistent, seamless, and personalised experience across all interactions–from self-service to agent-assisted interactions–you’ll quickly understand that omnichannel experiences can only come from modernising your contact centre.

eBook: The essential guide to contact centre modernisation

Your guide to evaluating, selecting and modernising your contact centre to deliver exceptional customer service.

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