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Taking the guesswork out of caller location

February 15th, 2018|

When Uber tells us the exact location of our ride, why do some contact centre operators struggle to pinpoint the location of their callers?  

Many businesses need to know the location of their callers. But sometimes older technology gets in the way, requiring contact centre agents to follow their own lines of enquiry to pinpoint a caller’s location. However, when callers aren’t entirely sure where they are, and unable to identify local landmarks that could help agents determine the caller’s vicinity, everyone is left scratching their heads. It’s frustrating at the best of times, and panic inducing when callers require immediate assistance.

Location Finder – developed by Pyrios

Here at Pyrios my team decided to help solve the problem of pinpointing caller location by developing a Location Finder application. Using smart phones’ GPS, latitude and longitude are determined, and Location Finder displays the caller’s location and their address on a Google map displayed on agent desktops. What’s more, call detail reporting allows supervisors to analyse caller requests, how they were handled, and how long it took for help to arrive.

How it works

A customer calls a help number and starts talking to a contact centre agent. To determine the customer’s exact location, the agent asks the caller to switch on the data and/or WiFi setting on their smart phone. While still chatting, the agent sends a text message to the caller, who opens the message and clicks on the URL in the message. Clicking on the URL pops the caller’s location on Google maps displayed on the agent’s screen

Common uses

Pyrios Location Finder has a myriad of uses, here’s some examples:

  • A vehicle has broken down ‘somewhere’ and the driver needs roadside assistance
  • Emergency services need to locate the caller to dispatch a first responder to attend the emergency
  • An insurance inspector requires the customer’s current location to inspect a vehicle damaged in an accident
  • A company requires the current location of a fieldworker to dispatch assistance
  • A service provider needs the caller’s current location to direct them to the nearest service station

Setting up Pyrios Location Finder

Location Finder is a cloud-based application which means there’s no local installation or implementation required. The application can be accessed by agents over a browser, or it can be integrated in existing agent desktop software being used in the contact centre.

The service works on all major smartphone systems (Android, iOS, and Windows) and browsers (Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, FireFox).

Find out more

Contact us if your agents have a need to pinpoint the location of your customers.
We can help.

Author: Khurram Awan

Solutions Architect at Pyrios and specialist in the design, build and integration of contact centre and unified communications systems and applications.

Connect with Khurram on LinkedIn.

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