Pyrios interface gives virtual sight to blind contact centre agents

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is a provider of guide dogs and orientation and mobility services for people with vision loss.

Next-generation interface and screen technology help people with visual impairments to keep pace with modern workplace tools and processes. Developing a contact centre environment to help its blind agents shine, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT chose Pyrios to develop a custom interface for its Genesys Cloud platform.

Incompatible software leaves blind workers in the dark

JAWS (Job Access With Speech) is the world’s most popular screen reader, assisting computer users with vision loss to navigate software applications, use the internet, and perform many other tasks sighted device users take for granted. But JAWS doesn’t work for every application.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT’s move to Genesys Cloud provided smart functionality to support the organisation’s contact centre agents. However, the cloud platform wasn’t compliant with the JAWS screen reader, leaving the organisation’s blind agents on the outer.

Custom interface optimises Genesys Cloud for JAWS

Looking to bridge the gap between Genesys Cloud and JAWS, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT chose Pyrios to optimise the Genesys desktop web application for JAWS to ensure the organisation’s blind agents could do their jobs well.

The application development project had to balance demands for a simple, instinctive navigation experience without forgoing Genesys Cloud functions essential to contact centre work.

Guided by a discovery workshop, Pyrios developers effectively created a new interface for Genesys Cloud to support the JAWS screen reader.

Now the organisation’s blind agents can access core functions in Genesys Cloud via the familiar feel of a JAWS-compliant screen reader.

The static web app is hosted in Microsoft Azure, providing a readily accessible and security-compliant custom app authorised by Genesys.

Core functions at agent fingertips

Where previously agents struggled with fundamental tasks, such as locating the button to answer incoming calls, now they deftly navigate a host of functions in Genesys Cloud, including answering calls and queue management, call backs, wrap codes, conferencing, and voicemail.

Working with a desktop web application fully compliant with the JAWS screen reader, agents can use a combination of hot keys, audio prompts and signals, tabs, and custom shortcuts to locate all the buttons they need to do their jobs in Genesys Cloud.

Developed with JavaScript, Genesys Cloud SDK, Vue.js, and Vuetify, Pyrios’ custom app is now a standard tech stack for building web applications for Genesys Cloud.

Pyrios’ custom app is now a standard tech stack for building web applications for Genesys Cloud.