Pyrios IVR application slashes job admin workload
for AA Roadservice

Call automation helps
AA Roadservice contractors
cover more ground;
cuts contact centre workload



New Zealand Automobile Association


Automate a manual job sign-off process


Pyrios IVR application design and job system integration


Automated job sign-off puts Roadservice contractors in the driver’s seat and on the road to their next job faster.

Contact centre workload is cut.

Creating efficiencies in admin systems makes a world of difference to contact centres, reduced workload and resource costs are just the start. Specialists earn their keep by recognising inefficiencies and introduce streamlined systems that marry workflow and information, without major redevelopment.

Manual job sign-off holds up
Roadservice contractors

There’s no better sight to drivers stranded roadside than an iconic yellow AA Roadservice vehicle pulling over to help. Perhaps that’s why AA is the oldest and largest motoring club in New Zealand, with 1.6 million members.

Flat battery, breakdown, lost keys, flat tyre, empty tank, broken windscreen – no problem. AA Roadservice gets drivers back on the road. However, after doing good work, Roadservice contractors had to wait at the while they phoned in to speak to an AA contact agent to close off their job. Time that’d be better spent helping Members.

Nothing drives workers crazy faster than cumbersome administration

IVR application puts AA Roadservice
contractors in driver’s seat

Recognising this inefficiency, AA engaged Pyrios, a proven and trusted partner. From there, Pyrios designed a simple IVR application for contractors to key in their ID and job number to sign-off each job automatically.

The system works seamlessly with NZAA’s job dispatch application and sign-off database.

That’s the end of contractors waiting in call queues and the key to getting back on the road to the next job faster.

Contact centre workload is cut, providing more time for Member calls.

Contact centre workload is cut, providing more time for Member calls.