Pyrios reimagines AA Roadwatch service options

Travellers give new Roadwatch IVR
application thumbs up



New Zealand Automobile Association


Redesign user-unfriendly call options for
AA Roadwatch services


Pyrios IVR application design and
CRM integration


Phoning up road information is faster and easier

Inviting callers to key in self-selected options takes a load off contact centres. Entering a few digits is tolerable and widely recognised as normal. However it’s important to get the balance right. Too many prompts, or the need to enter a large string of digits can quickly lead to a poor customer experience. Smart operators recognise this and have streamlined self-help functions using simpler menus, human help, and voice recognition.

Legacy IVR application stunts service
uptake; turns off callers

AA Roadwatch provides live traffic information for 95% of New Zealand’s roads. Travellers can check road closures, incidents and traffic flow information to help plan their trips. The web service is free to everyone, but anyone who isn’t an AA Member is required to pay a modest charge when they place a call rather than go online.

Inviting callers to key in self-selected options takes a load off contact centres.
But too many prompts risks a poor brand experience.

Web channels are more popular these days, nevertheless phone remains an important part of AA’s channel mix. Following feedback from Members, the AA recognised touch-tone self-help options were causing some frustration. Members didn’t appreciate the arduous process of entering the last eight digits of their Membership number, date of birth, and other digits, just to zero in on road information relevant to their location.

The spotlight turned to AA’s legacy IVR platform. What could be done to simplify access and encourage people to use their phones? Pyrios had the answers.

New self-help options get callers reaching
for their phones

Pyrios got down to work and identified key blockages: a ‘hostile’ user menu, DTMF/touch-tone navigation, and quickly dated pre-recorded announcements.

Pyrios redesigned the Roadwatch application, revamping the IVR menu structure and introducing speech recognition to improve user experience.

New features include:

  • Automatic Membership authentication
  • Speech-based options for Membership number,
    date of birth, region and town
  • Automatic region selection based on caller’s CRM
    profile and call history
  • Text-to-speech reading of traffic incidents
  • Custom developed Maori language dictionary for
    correct pronunciation of Maori words
  • Live traffic incidents provided by NZAA third party
  • DTMF/touch-tone input options

Mindful of project costs, Pyrios designed a solution that worked on AA’s existing technology infrastructure.

Callers are returning in their droves.

Mindful of project costs, Pyrios designed a solution that worked on AA’s existing technology infrastructure.