PEXA powers up customer support with Pyrios and Genesys PureCloud

PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) was gearing up for a dramatic increase in property transaction volumes on its online platform. To manage the influx, PEXA chose Genesys PureCloud and implementation partner Pyrios to deliver a ready-to-go cloud contact centre solution.

Stemming from a Council of Australian Governments’ (COAG) initiative, PEXA was tasked to deliver a single, national digital conveyancing solution to the Australian property industry in 2010. Since then, five states have adopted electronic settlements. In fact, three state governments have adopted a fully digital approach, removing paper processing wherever possible.

So far, as of November 2019, industry has completed more than 3.9 million property transactions representing a total settlement property value of over 600 billion dollars.

PEXA has made buying and selling property a much slicker experience for the professionals using the solution, and their clients, Australia’s homebuyers and sellers – speeding up settlements, title registration, and payments. However, even online, responsive support, or, ‘access to a real human’, is still important to the overall customer experience.

PEXA tripled the number of contact centre agents in 2018 as three states approached their compliance deadlines, in order to support members as they embraced this change in digital property transactions.

Legacy pain

Legacy systems perform as the categorisation suggests – they’re often brittle, expensive to fix and upgrade, and rarely scalable to support growth. Never mind the manual effort required to squeeze out useful information for reporting. PEXA’s previous contact centre platform fitted that mould. As the company grew, PEXA knew it wanted more, to provide a more holistic customer experience, and looked for a solution that could cater for that and provide a platform where the company could learn from other organisations.

Genesys PureCloud Results

“There are multiple contact centre system options. However, it pays to choose a solution that works out of the box – and a partner who thinks and works as you do. Our members were going through rapid change. They were transitioning their livelihoods online, away from a 150 plus year old paper process. We needed to be certain that we could support them through this experience with a solution that worked from day one.”
Heather Crichton, GM Member Support Services, PEXA

Next move

Eager to progress, PEXA’s new platform had to address its current and future needs as well as support a bigger play to integrate other business systems, ultimately presenting agents with a single view of everything about PEXA members – the holy grail of customer experience.

First and foremost, PEXA required a scalable solution to support additional agents and call volumes increasing daily. They also wanted an intuitive system that allowed team leaders to produce their own reports and lead quality assessments. And they wanted a platform they could control, making changes themselves rather than remaining beholden to specialist providers.

PEXA prides itself on the exceptional support and account management it provides its members and was looking to partner with a provider that held the same values.

“We expect more from our account management experience,” said Heather Crichton, GM member support services at PEXA. “We wanted to be coached in best practice and learn from others.”

Choosing a winner

Contenders were whittled down to two – both from the cloud, which ticked boxes for readiness and scale. Genesys PureCloud and implementation partner Pyrios clinched the deal, but not before PEXA pondered the merits of the nearest competitor, which, like PureCloud, was full of “out of the box” features. However, these features and the possibilities they present is one thing but getting them to work is another. And that’s where PureCloud won the battle, reflected in Crichton’s comments about the second place-getter: “They offered infinite possibilities, but I sensed that they would need a lot of work. We couldn’t go there – we needed most things to work from day one,” she said.

The deal done, Pyrios and Genesys PureCloud geared up to deliver the new platform within six months.

Core functions

PEXA’s PureCloud Contact Centre platform supports and manages inbound voice calls, including IVR steering and call-backs, email, SMS, and social media, as those options are introduced to PEXA members.

Real-time and historical reports summarise queue activity and performance. PureCloud Voice Recording supports quality evaluation scorecards for agents – the basis of quality management. And a workforce management module takes care of rostering and scheduling agents.

Big benefits

Crichton said having a platform that doesn’t break is a big winner.

“You simply can’t afford to have interruptions when you’re dealing with something as significant
as someone’s home,” she said.

With that box ticked, her evaluation turned to ease of use, with Genesys PureCloud’s intuitive user interface a hit with both PEXA agents and business level managers. “I find the overall platform easy to use and fit for purpose,” said Crichton.

With a young team of go-getters under her charge, Crichton aims to give more control to team leaders to boost their professional development. PureCloud’s voice recording and agent scorecards do the job, providing team leaders with a real-time gauge of agent performance.

“Team leaders love the quality component,” said Crichton. “Now they spend more time on coaching, which is great for the development of our junior leaders and their teams.”

Reporting has been a revelation, with PEXA’s Head of Member Operations Ryan de Rosayro describing the gap between what was and today’s reporting abilities as “night and day”.

“It was tough producing customised reports in the old system,” he said. “Now we can create reports from scratch – and quickly – right down to IVR queue and agent level information. And everything is easily shared with business level managers. That’s a whole lot less admin.”

Scheduling agents has also been spectacularly refashioned, fortuitously coinciding with a flexible workforce initiative that allows agents to work remotely. With scheduling managed ‘in-platform’ rather than with printouts, everyone knows where they stand. And when the situation changes, automated updates keep everyone in the picture. What’s more, agents can rearrange their shifts for leaders to approve before schedules are released.

“Scheduling contact centre workers gets harder when it involves remote agents,” said de Rosayro. “PureCloud makes it easy and gives us the confidence that audio quality – and customer experience – is consistently good wherever agents are working. The team loves it,” he said.

Working with Pyrios

While case studies naturally focus on quantum improvements delivered by new technology, the choice of technology partner is a significant factor for high-risk technology deployments, such as a call centre platform.

“We’re not big, but we punch above our weight – and the service we provide is very important to Australians. We like to work fast, and from our first interaction with Pyrios we were comfortable,” said Crichton.

“I can’t speak highly enough of Pyrios – from pre-stage through to post deployment, they were accessible day and night, and they provided great ideas and industry best practice guidance.
It felt like we were working with like-minded people.”

Next up

Moves are afoot to implement real-time customer surveys, allowing callers to rate agents immediately following contact. And as PEXA gets closer to integrating other internal systems, the stage is set for a single view of the customer’s world.