Last year Pyrios embarked on a journey to replace an ageing service management platform. The driver for change was quite a common one. Although it did the basics we were locked out of upgrades and automation, preventing us from serving our customers the way we wanted to in the future. After months of evaluating various systems, ServiceNow came out the clear winner to be our platform of the future.

After just eight months on from go-live, we’re enjoying across the board improvements in service delivery for clients. Here’s a snapshot of these and some advice for our customers thinking of embarking on a similar project.

Service delivery improvements

Automated reporting has been life changing, with scheduled email delivery of custom reports to both clients and managers replacing a flurry of manual information curation and formatting. There’s less risk of report inaccuracies and it has set the foundation to have customer reporting available by self-service in the next step of our journey.

ServiceNow dashboards graphically plot our performance in real-time. Screens in our network operations centre display a live graph of ticket closure, providing at-a-glance views of our run rate. This real-time view of incidents and closure rates allows us to dynamically reallocate resources to jobs so we can deliver a better level of service to customers. For example, when SLA adherence comes under pressure we can see what’s happening and put it right, rather than disappointing our customers.

The combined effect of these improvements shows up where it really matters, in our network operation centre’s primary key performance indicator SLA adherence. This metric has increased across the board and for lower priority incidents we’ve improved by more than 10%.

Right now we’re working on synchronising Virsae Service Management (VSM) with ServiceNow. Alarms and traps generated by VSM will automatically populate ServiceNow as incidents, so engineers can get to work faster with all the required information.

After that, we’ll deliver a portal to customers where they can log tickets, view updates and request services, and track everything online.

Looking back

The key reason for ServiceNow’s universal acceptance and quick uptake at Pyrios was clarity of vision among the team. You have to know what you want and what you need.

ServiceNow and other service management platforms are incredibly powerful and customisable, they could end up looking like anything, so being clear about what you want it to do is crucial. Pay special attention to the processes you expect to automate – they must be crystal clear, up to date and perfectly correct.

Finally, get help from a pro – an authorised implementation partner – when designing and setting up how you’ll use your chosen platform. You could quite easily sweat a lifetime into these systems and miss 95% of the possibilities.


Kevin Pitout
Services Operations Manager

Betty Mani
Service Delivery Manager