Digital platforms dominate the lives of consumers, asking brands to present a unified front in the channels they operate. But doing the job well is complex work that requires a holistic approach to customer experience.

Brand managers must use data to understand customer preferences; they must integrate social media to actively engage customers; they must allow customers to engage on their terms; they must provide a seamless transition between channels; and, ultimately, the whole experience must deliver a more satisfying blend of interaction.

Over the past months Pyrios published a series of posts discussing the anatomy of customer experience. Based on eBooks produced by Pyrios’ partner Genesys, we made a number of observations and recommendations to help brand managers deliver memorable customer experiences.

Here they are:

Building the business case
Channel blanket coverage isn’t the point: what customers really care about is a quality experience. While most companies support multiple channels today – including self-service – they typically manage them in silos, resulting in a fragmented customer experience, missed sales opportunities, and reduced operational efficiency. Genesys’ survey of 160 clients indicates that a smaller number of tightly orchestrated channels is likely to improve customer satisfaction by 15%.

Designing a memorable customer experience
In the race to engage customers across multiple channels, brand owners often underestimate the influence of brand perceptions on the experience their customers expect, leading to disappointment and even abandonment. Companies must align omnichannel design with brand values to deliver a memorable customer experience. Minimising the gap between expected and actual customer experience requires a best-practice approach to design that addresses both customer needs and brand values.

Optimising your workforce
Doing the job well is expensive work, but there are huge opportunities to make savings. Staff scheduling and forecasting tools have been shown to reduce labour costs in the contact centre by up to 46%, and yet over half (57%) of all businesses don’t use tools to schedule workers.

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Author: Simon Nicholson

Head of Products & Marketing at Pyrios

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