Workforce Optimisation

Work smarter in the contact centre

With so much to juggle and prioritise in the contact centre, managers depend on Workforce Optimisation (WFO) tools to keep things running smoothly.

But WFO tools only do the job when the processes they watch and analyse accommodate the unique qualities of your contact centre people and operations. Let Pyrios show you the ins and outs of WFO and the quickest ways to improve contact centre performance.

We’ll get you working smarter, with Workforce Management tools for forecasting and scheduling, and Quality Management tools that will improve agent performance.

Workforce Management

Pyrios Workforce Management solutions and consultancy deliver the right agents, with the right skills, at the right times of day. Keep your contact centre performing at the top of its game, with precise forecasts, clear scheduling, and plans for volume and agent impact events.

We help clients to:

  • Work with deeper insights to forecast inbound/outbound voice calls, emails, and other multimedia channels
  • Simplify scheduling tasks
  • Change and instantly update schedules as you go
  • Empower agents to swap shifts, apply for leave, and pursue overtime
  • Create ‘what-if’ simulations to gauge impact on service levels
  • Monitor schedule adherence and agent states to take early action

Quality Management

Service and staff are inseparable. Careful recruitment attracts the best candidates and training refines agent skills and efficiencies. But is your Quality Management programme contributing fully to your workforce capability investment?

Quality Management shines a light on agent performance, painting a picture of service quality and agent behaviour vis-a-vis quality standards and procedures.

Pyrios’ Quality Management solutions and consultancy focus on information from call recordings (voice and screen) to monitor agent attitude, knowledge, customer experience, sales and operational compliance.

So you’re always in the picture with agent performance and know what needs to change to deliver the service your customers expect.

We help clients to:

  • Learn more about their recording and quality applications
  • Improve the capabilities of their existing QM (Evaluation) programmes
  • Align Quality Management to business goals and strategy
  • Develop options for business cases